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Alison Kempkey
Carla Mireles
Chloe Mondesir
Chris Edom
George Foreman IV
Gigi Gustin
Gill Morton
Grady Powell
Hannah Koen
Heather Pincelli
Herman Brar
Janessa Morgan
John Burk
John Cena
Melanie Mahanna
Michael Wilson Morgan
Nathalie Martin
Richard Mallard
Riki Long
Scarlett Angelina
Shermon Braithwaite
Will Westwater
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Show Times: 9/8c, Fox

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Top 3 #1:
Scarlett Angelina
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Top 3 #2:
Janessa Morgan
showing Janessa Morgan as ranked  #2
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Top 3 #3:
Michael Wilson Morgan
showing Michael Wilson Morgan as ranked  #3
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Congratulations to Scarlett, Janessa and Michael!

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Voted Off
Who Got Voted Off AGrit?

Unfortunately, we can't all be winners, so the voted off gritters on July 16, 2017 (Week 6) are Janessa Morgan and Scarlett Angelina.

Congratulations to them for their moments in the American Grit spotlight, and best wishes to them always!

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JM Home
showing Scarlett Angelina as voted off
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Season 2 Gritter of the Season:
Gigi Gustin photo
Gigi Gustin
Votes this Season: 2
Grit Factor Rating: 5.04

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Grit Factor Leaders:
Most Determined:
Riki Long 10.0 factoring 3 Votes
Best Leader:
George Foreman IV 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Most Charismatic:
Riki Long 10.0 factoring 3 Votes
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Hannah Koen
close-up of Hannah Koen
Hannah Koen
Votes this Season: 0
Grit Factor Rating: 7.07

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The American Grit - Season 2 Top 22 includes Alison Kempkey, Carla Mireles, Chloe Mondesir, Chris Edom, George Foreman IV, Gigi Gustin, Gill Morton, Grady Powell, Hannah Koen, Heather Pincelli, Herman Brar, Janessa Morgan, John Burk, John Cena, Melanie Mahanna, Michael Wilson Morgan, Nathalie Martin, Richard Mallard, Riki Long, Scarlett Angelina, Shermon Braithwaite and Will Westwater.

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